Breastfeeding CHAMPS Participant Information

Who can participate?

Families that are pregnant and planning to breast or body feed may be eligible to become part of the study. We are reaching out to those who plan to breastfeed for at least two months. The full study for each participant will run for one year. We will officially enroll families at 37 weeks gestation, but would love for you to reach out sooner if you are interested.

What would I need to do for the study?

You will complete questionnaires throughout the study. You will have a third trimester prenatal visit, and provide milk and infant stool samples at four timepoints during the study. A research team member will come to your home to collect the milk and stool samples and will also obtain the length and weight of your baby at each visit.

How will I be compensated?

You will receive compensation of merchandise cards for providing samples, with the maximum compensation of $265 over the full 12 months. We will also run a monthly lottery for $200 that you will be included in during the months when you provide the three and five month samples. You will also receive free lactation support during the full year that you are participating in the study.

Our Recruiting Locations

UNM Health System

Albuquerque, NM

Phone: (505)585-4251

Baystate Medical Center

Springfield, Massachusetts

Phone: (413)794-0941

Breast feeding champs researchers meet for launch of the study on mammary epithelial permeability

Still have questions?

Email Us:

Massachusetts- [email protected]

New Mexico- [email protected]

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